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  1. Prepping Your Apartment for Winter

    Winter Essentials for Apartment Functionality, Warmth, and Comfort Living in Wisconsin comes with winter weather. The cold air, snow, salt, and ice ca…

    Milwaukee Living, apartment living
  2. 3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Extra Cozy

    One of our favorite aspects of the chilly season is using it as an opportunity to embrace all things cozy. There’s nothing quite like creating your ow…

    Home Improvement
  3. Have you tried Turducken yet?

    Back in the late 80’s (and half a dozen years before the late John Madden introduced this great entrée to the country during a New Orleans Saints game…

  4. Keeping Your Dog Safe During Winter

    Cold-Weather Tips for Dogs It is almost that time of year again: winter. Before you know it, the temperature will be dropping, and the snow will be fa…

    Milwaukee Living, Pets
  5. Warm Up With Easy-to-Make Fall Beverages

    It's official—sweater weather is here! As temperatures drop and leaves begin to fall, it's natural to seek all things cozy. For us, this means cuddlin…

  6. DIY Fall Decorations for Your Apartment

    10 Simple Craft Ideas to Make Autumn Decorations in Your Apartment With summer fading and winter right around the corner, it is time to enjoy everyon…

    Home Improvement
  7. Spruce Up Your Home With Tropical Houseplants

    Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean your greenery has to! Extend that warm weather feel by incorporating tropical plants into your home. …

    Home Improvement
  8. Fall in Love with Fall

    Yes, fall is finally here! It seems to have come on in an instant – one day sweltering and the next searching for a sweater. Whether or not you are a …

    Milwaukee Living